Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monday-Big Day

Monday May 2 was a big day for everyone. My daughter, Melissa went back to work and Poppy, Emily and Haley were on their own. Over the past few weeks, we have done quite few practice runs, but today is special for everyone: arrival time is around 6:30AM; breakfast and meds for Haley around 7:00AM; tubby, dressing and hair around 7:30AM for Haley; meds for Emily around 8:00AM or after; and at 8:30AM Emily and Poppy ride Haley to school. By that time Emily is ready for a bottle and Emily and Poppy head for the foot doctor, in hopes that Poppy can get of that funny looking shoe he has been wearing for the past 4-5 weeks as a result of some reconstructive surgery.

            The girls are doing well overall. Haley loves school but we are experiencing seizures a little stronger than usual and we are working on some adjustments. Emily is flourishing. She is right on her height weight goals and is now off TPN feeding for five hours. The plan is to move her up an hour a week with the goal to have her off 12 hours a day, which will great for her mobility and our nerves. Trying to protect the central line and j-tube, while maintaining the integrity of the ostomy bag is a challenge in the case of our feisty little Emily.

            All in all it was be a whirlwind day with lots of hugs and kisses.

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